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August 28, 2013
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Toolbar Remixed Pro – WordPress Toolbar Plugin

Toolbar Remixed - Wordpress Plugin by Site Guru

Site Guru - Toolbar Remixed Pro WordPress Plugin
Toolbar Remixed Pro takes the boring, static WordPress toolbar / WordPress adminbar and makes it useful again. Now you have control over the menu on your WordPress website and can create a fast, mobile ready, and customized menu all within the Admin area. Making your customized menu has never been easier!

  • Custom layout – Add custom menus, change the order of menus, and remove automatic WordPress menus which you don’t need.
  • Custom Styles and Colors – Toolbar Remixed Pro comes with 3 color schemes out of the box – blue, grey, and black (default). The default style is enhanced with box shadows, text shadows, and a few jQuery UI effects to make it look very different than other sites. Take it a step further and create an entirely new color scheme based on any colors you choose using the same colorpicker as the WordPress theme customizer that came in WordPress version 3.5. The text shadows, box shadow, and background will adjust to the colors that you choose, so you can make a perfect match with your existing color scheme.
  • Add Icons – Want icons in your menu? Toolbar Remixed Pro allows you to place icons next to the text in any custom menu you place in the toolbar using the plugin. And, as an added bonus, if a menu has an icon it will only show the icon when a mobile or tablet device is detected, saving precious space in the toolbar for smaller screen sizes. More on mobile / tablet detection below..
  • Mobile Ready – The WordPress toolbar is also notoriously not mobile-friendly. We’ve fixed this problem too, by providing click based menu support for mobile phones and tablets. Toolbar Remixed will detect desktop computers and they will use the normal, hover based menu system. But mobile and tablet devices get specialized, click based navigation menus that make it possible to use the menu systems without issues.
  • Optional Plugin Support – Toolbar Remixed Pro integrates seamlessly with BuddyPress and W3 Total Cache, two of the most popular plugins for WordPress.

So don’t remove the WordPress toolbar like so many people have done since it was introduced in WordPress 3.3. Get Toolbar Remixed Pro to take control of the WordPress toolbar, make it look better, and shape it to the needs of your website. If you would like to try the free version you can download it on here.


Demonstration Video –

[flowplayer webm=”” width=”800″ height=”450″ skin=”playful”]

Check out recent updates the Toolbar Remixed Updates Page to get information about recent updates. You can always download the file again to get the newest version.

Use the coupon code tbremixed100 to get $5 off! (Limited to the first 100 customers)

We’ve also lowered the price of Toolbar Remixed to just $20, so with the coupon code it would be only $15 !

Release date:April 18, 2013
Last updated:November 1, 2013
Current version:1.6
Product type:WordPress Plugin
File size:148 KB
Requirements:WordPress 3.6+
Price:$20.00 USD