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April 18, 2013
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WP Screenshot Saver

WordPress Screenshot Plugin

Generates / Saves Screenshots

WP Screenshot Saver puts an orange camera icon WP Screenshot Saver - WordPress screenshot plugin icon which appears when editing a WordPress post or page, near the bold, italics, and other icons for adding special content to your blog post or page. Click the icon and put in the URL you want to make a screenshot for and the width (in pixels) of the screenshot.

Here is an example screenshot of our site at 600 pixels:

[wp-save-screenshot width=”600″ url=”http://siteguru.biz/”]

Images are cached for 90 days on your server with a unique filename. Note: The plugin requires that the /uploads folder on your server is accessible – if you can upload images to the WordPress Media library, you should be able to use our WordPress screenshots plugin without changing a thing.

You can refresh the screenshot if you are logged in as admin or editor and click on the image. Also, the images need to be generated first. Some popular sites will already have a generated image, but others will need to be generated via the wordpress.com service.

If a screenshot is not available and you are logged in as an admin or editor, WP Screenshot Saver will show a link on the page where the screenshot should be showing, to try to get the screenshot again if the first attempt was not successful (the screenshot hasn’t been generated yet or there was an error on the wordpress.com service) .

If there is a screenshot already, you are logged in as admin or editor, and want to make a new screenshot just click on the image (it will disappear and grab a new screenshot, then cache it to your server ) .

Clicking the orange camera icon will insert a shortcode in the content box that looks like this:

[wp-save-screenshot width=”600″ url=”http://siteguru.biz/”]

If you want to edit the shortcode just replace the 600 with a number and   http://siteguru.biz  with whatever URL you want to show a screenshot for. So this shortcode could be implemented in themes or plugins by using the shortcode format above to, for example, generate post thumbnails for a post or page.

Try WP Screenshot Saver today for just $5.

Release date:August 28, 2013
Last updated:August 23, 2013
Current version:1.0
Product type:WordPress plugin
File format:.zip
File size:16.0 KB
Requirements:WordPress 3.5+
Price:$5.00 USD