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60% of people begin their purchase with a search engine

Get in front of more customers with a customized search engine optimization strategy

Search Engine Optimization is as easy as 1-2-3 when you hire Site Guru

Website Optimization from Site Guru

Step 1: Website optimization with a clear business focus

Search Engine Optimization requires a deep look into the inner workings of your website, your industry, business, clients, competitors, and goals. We define what makes your business unique and customize your website to fit your strengths. 

Our on-site optimization services include:

  • Competition Analysis - What keywords are your competition using, who is ranking on the first page, and what is the strength of our competition for suggested keywords
  • Selection of Optimal Keywords - Which keywords are the best to start ranking for based on Google Analytics, Google Trends, competitor data, and competition for the first page result.
  • Keyword optimization for all content and tags on the website.
  • Website Speed - We turbo boost your website by optimizing page load times, caching, and server settings.

Conversion Rate Optimization from Site Guru

Step 2: Conversion Rate Optimization

Once customers reach your site our strong business acumen really starts to shine. We apply conversion rate optimization to close the sales from the targeted traffic we bring to your website. Our team will walk you through the changes you need to make in order to start closing more business.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization plans are customized for your business and include:

  • Landing Page Testing – We take a look at your existing landing pages and search out ways for improvement based on various factors including USP focus, bounce rate, and heat map analysis.
  • Landing Page Design & Optimization – Our analysis gives us guidelines for creating improved landing pages that give the largest impact on your conversion rate. We then test various optimized landing pages to deliver the most effective solution.

Link Building Services from Site Guru

Step 3: We create a strategic link building plan that targets natural links to your website

After your website is optimized to convert visitors into sales we utilize natural link building strategies to further boost your position in all the major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We search out high profile places on the Internet where you should be located, focusing on quality links rather than quantity. We make connections and partnerships with a focus on link diversity that brings lasting results, without having to worry about Google algorithm updates.

We combine this with our Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Local SEO to maximize your ranking potential in the search engines.

Site Guru - Search Engine Optimization Services Why Choose Site Guru for your Search Engine Optimization

We bring over 20 years of business and tech experience to the table that helps us improve your website, search rankings, and most importantly revenue.

Successful Search Engine Optimization | Site Guru 

We have achieved 1st Place and 1st Page rankings for multiple clients, increased targeted traffic many times over, and boosted revenue for small and medium business around-the-world. See some of our results here.



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